Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS APAGB | Overview


My lectures reflect my varied interests, showing my approach to image making, which very much relies on what I see in camera. When linked to my travels I concentrate on how I responded to the place or people. Whilst my preferred medium for presentation is projection, I bring some prints and books for informal display.



My current lecture, 'The Way I See It', includes images from a number of the modules below. Alternatively my presentation can be selected from the following modules, three or four are normally making up an 'Evening of Contrasts'. With more to follow choose from: Berlin; Cuba; Golden Temple; Isle of Harris; Santorini, Shanghai, World Expo; USA; Yellowstone. In some, by showing a series of images rather than just those that are for me the most successful, I try to provide ideas for less experienced photographers. I enjoy evenings with an interactive audience, with questions and discussions throughout.

 As well  as judging I am happy to engage with club members for an informal critique evening.

 'The Royal Photographic Society and its Distinctions' is a Society illustrated lecture suitable for clubs.

 Please contact me to discuss options.

Club Reviews

Tonbridge Camera Club: 6 April 2017

We very much enjoyed the wonderful presentation with its great variety of work. It was certainly 'An evening of Contrasts' with such a range of work covering such a variety of subjects and locations. The one constant was the quality of your images, both PDIs and prints. Your style and thought provoking approach to your photography provided us with an inspirational and entertaining evening, which we all enjoyed and appreciated.

Chichester Camera Club: 10 March 2016

Rosemary Wilman managed to enchant us with images all with an originality and visual impact from well known locations that we have seen before such as Santorini, Harris and  Yellowstone. Also images from less familiar locations such as Amritsar and Washington made her talk “About Time and More” an inspiration and lesson in image quality from one of the loyal followers of our club.

Devizes: 20 September 2015:

The Club were both honoured and privileged to welcome Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS AFIAP BPE5* an ex-President of the RPS to our weekly meeting. Rosemary began her talk with a series of photographs taken in Santorini, Amritsar, Yellowstone National Park, the Isle of Harris, and in Falkirk of the 100ft tall horse head sculptures called The Kelpies. But this was no travelogue instead we were treated to an evening of stunning and often uncomplicated unusual images where the emphasis was on originality, colour (sometimes complimentary, sometimes contrasting, sometimes vibrant and sometimes muted), form and composition. Given the wide range of images presented it would be difficult to attribute a particular style to her photography. Indeed that is Rosemary’s strength. What we witnessed was more a kaleidoscope of different genre’s in which there was perhaps an overlying theme of keeping it compositionally simple, experimenting with shape and form, and seeing (as opposed to just looking for) the unusual. Rosemary shared numerous tips for creating better images................. MB