My lectures reflect my varied interests, showing my approach to image making, which very much relies on what I see in camera. When linked to my travels I concentrate on how I responded to the place or people. All presentations are digital and I bring some prints for informal display.



My current lecture, 'The Way I See It', includes images from a number of the modules listed under Lectures. In some, by showing a series of images rather than just those that are for me the most successful, I try to provide ideas for less experienced photographers. I enjoy evenings with an interactive audience, with questions and discussions throughout, This is a little more challenging remotely but not impossible.

As well as judging I enjoy engaging with club members for an informal critique evening.

Please contact me to discuss options.

Club Reviews

Hailsham P S - March 2022

Our members were so impressed with your help and support for their images I thought I would share a couple of comments with you: 'Rosemary was really good. Positive with well-reasoned comments that will help some members take their images to the next level. Everything was handled with respect and just the right amount of humour when appropriate. Definitely one of the best judging performances this season.' 'I should say how much I enjoyed last night. A real masterclass in how to judge. Wow! She was brilliant!' Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Dublin C C - JAnuary 2022 on Zoom

Just to reiterate the thanks from myself and everyone else for y our judging tonight. It was excellent - concise but very helpful and contstructive and not at all negatice. A masterclass in how it should be done.

Hampstead P S - October 2020 on Zoom

'We found your pictures absolutely beautiful. Each one had a totally exceptional quality. One after the other, I couldn't wait to see the next! But could have happily lingered. So many of your pictures held our attention, provided inspiration, were thrilling and raised our consciousness of what there is in the world to see. 'The Way I See It' was a truly apt title. I hope that your emphasis on 'seeing' is taken to heart.'

Visions Photography Club and Westhill Camera Club  - September 2020 on Zoom. 

‘Thank you so much for the presentation you did tonight.  It was absolutely fabulous! I have no idea how two hours passed so quickly. You have some amazing photos and you are a very natural and interesting speaker.  I am really feeling inspired to get out there and get some good photos of my own.  You are quite right - we have some amazing places to photograph right on our doorstep here in Scotland, although we do now have a few other places on our wish list after seeing your photos.’

Wareham Camera Club  - September 2020 on Zoom

‘On behalf of our Members and Guests I would like to thank you for your excellent Presentation last night. The individual sections and your narrative kept the whole evening alive from start to finish. On a personal level I loved your ‘intimate’ landscapes, and I saw Yellowstone from an angle I had never seen before.'  'Easily oneof t he best talks ever, right up my street all with those textures and patterns in Yellowstone, the minimal snow and trees, the patterns in architecture and that amazing Bobcat in a bedof snow and so much more. Thnak you so much, I will remember tonight always.'

Carshalton Camera Club: April 2019:  

'Thank you once again for a tremendous evening filled with stunning images and hints and tips along the way.  I look forward to welcoming you back to the club in the not too distant future.'

Tonbridge Camera Club: April 2017: 

'We very much enjoyed the wonderful presentation with its great variety of work. It was certainly 'An evening of Contrasts' with such a range of work covering such a variety of subjects and locations. The one constant was the quality of your images, both PDIs and prints. Your style and thought provoking approach to your photography provided us with an inspirational and entertaining evening, which we all enjoyed and appreciated.'